Friday, June 25, 2010

Latest Creation 'Costing the Earth' Glove Shoe

It's been a while since I posted my creations. Anyway, this is the only one I have done the past few months.

I made this shoe out of one and a half gloves and the heel is made of the floor decking I obtained from Ikea.

The heel I made with guidance from my relative. This was at a slight raw stage before adding the polish.



3/4 Flipped Down

Monday, June 7, 2010

What are they thinking: Printed Fuzz?

I saw this on the 'Evening Standard'...

Don't worry, the 'hair' is just printed!!! I guess 'Miss Geschick & Lady Lapsus' decided that it was attractive to look fuzzy at that area (it's only printed on one side). Perhaps it was a little too (ahem!) 'provocative' for the Evening Standard to show the knicker (underwear) version of this print...

                                               think people spend money to groom themselves...perhaps a subtle way to go 'Beth Ditto' (it has been reported that she doesn't groom...)? 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yes, I watched Sex and the City 2...

So then, I've finally watched the movie. This is what I think...

Sex and the City 2 was not as bad as the movie critics claimed it was. Fans of the series will still like elements of the movie. However, there were parts of the movie and the styling of the outfits which gave me a bit of goose bumps.

These parts I sort of cringe...

Liza Minnelli's dance number, 'Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)' sort of gave me the goose bumps but I realised, she actually made an effort. She tried her best pulling off the dance number.

The Irish soundtrack used to show the Irish nanny that Charlotte hired was pretty cheesy that it actually made me cringe (nothing wrong with the music, I just hated the way it was used in the movie)

Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Carrie was a little annoying that I almost got fed up with her. It was like she wants to create another problem for herself...perhaps she got bored...that's why she went overseas? By the end of the movie, she 'grew up' after a little blunder and set back in Abu Dhabi...

The styling...what can I say...I didn't like it at all... It’s ‘tackyville’!!!

Seriously, who would wear something like in the middle of a desert!? No wonder why Samantha was having hot flashes (in another manner)!

Oh my...Samantha...are those spikes necessary?

Seriously, what's with the spikes?! It's either I don't like the dress or I don't really like Miley Cyrus in general... Who do you think wore this dress better? Let me know!

I guess the movie did portray on how some ugly truths on how some people would act if they were in a completely being amused (and perhaps making fun of) by a culture and behaviour that is 'unusual' to them... It did bring some negative aspects of the characters in the movie....

The writers for the movie might have been somewhat insensitive but....I mean seriously, do we need to see Carrie, Miranda and Samantha poking fun at the women eating chips under her niqāb? This part was unnecessary...which I guess prompted the critics to call this issue ‘racist after the movie was released last week (a little more insights of this issue at the end of the entry). Perhaps this was one of the reasons why UAE didn’t want the production team to film the movie (the movie was filmed in Morocco)? Perhaps way they portrayed Samantha’s behaviour in the movie (which was unacceptable, even though she was really frustrated...Miranda was at least a bit more prepared and considerate to the situation)... However, there is a true element for one scene where some of the ladies, would wear designer outfits underneath their niqāb (this is apparently true as I was once told that this is actually done!).

I did enjoy seeing the movie with my friends...especially one who got excited and sort of gasped at one scene (kissing involved with Carrie and a certain someone)...the situation was hilarious!

I liked how the movie started with a little flash back of how the ladies dressed up almost 20 years ago (with some flashback of styles of the late 80’s). The story was interesting at the start until the ladies decided to go to Abu Dhabi... I guess I wish they focused more in New York like they did in the first movie (which I thought was a lot better)...

Hee hee...I don't get the elbow band on Carrie's outfit...I guess it's what they call 'fashion'!

Wow! That cassette Walkman brings me back memories! I think I've still got mine somewhere in my house in Singapore!

 Oh my...this hairstyle brings me back memories...ten year back...when I had my hair cut like this and I got teased at a gathering...

The settings, the interior of the movie, Carrie and Big’s apartment was nicely done...perhaps if I ever get my own place...I would consider using my hallway as a library.

I’ll love to stay and be served in a room like where the ladies stayed in ‘Abu Dhabi’...though I guess might be a little intimidating when you have butlers on call almost everywhere you go...

Lastly...I would love to fly in the airplane class they sat in on the way to Abu Dhabi...I know there are some airplanes with a bar inside...imagine such luxury on the plane on a 13 hour flight....

Oooo! Cosmos in the plane!

This is the only outfit (dress by Christian Dior (John Galliano) I liked in the movie...though actually, it was worn in Season Three's episode, 'What Goes Around Comes Around'.

Overall, I still think the movie isn’t that bad...I could re-watch some of the parts of the movie...and skip a couple of scenes to the end... Who know what they will show next (though I thought it should have stopped at the first movie...)....perhaps a prequel?

...and yes, I still don’t like that outfit I last mentioned (Dior t-shirt with Zac Posen skirt), even after seeing it at the big screen!

Further reading: Sex and the City 2: A Disaster of Cultural Stereotypes

Please note that the article does not mean I support or do not support these views...I am showing this article from a ‘third person’ point of view.