Friday, March 13, 2009

Preview: 'Coco Chanel' Movie Trailer

(French Poster from (released by Warner Bros. France)

I was browsing the Yahoo France website and I saw the movie trailer for "COCO AVANT CHANEL" ("COCO BEFORE CHANEL" in English).

Here's Audrey Tautou as the legendary Coco Chanel. (Picture source:

This movie from Warner Bros. France takes place during her childhood and her early adulthood. far, there are no subtitles for this to those who don't understand French, just appreciate the visual aspects...

Poster for International Release (only a few release around Europe is known for now)

France and Belgium will release the movie on 22nd of April.

One comment: The story looks promising though I hope they will also show more fashion in the film.

Link up here:

Official Movie Website (in French only):

Official movie pictures are shown at this link (in case you are eager to see the pictures fast!):

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stationary Art with Hermès

Along the window display at Hermès (in Singapore), the boutique's in house designer, Julian Lee uses series of stationary utensils (tape, pencils, paper clips, get the drift...) on a huge and normal scale next to their new collection...
On Sunday, Han Suying from 'The New Paper (one of the newspapers published in Singapore)' reported about the window display.

Click Here for the article:

Clearer view on here:

Fashion Nation goes into details about the window with incredible pictures!

Did I mention that around 5,000 pencils were used to build this train?

Source: Fashion Nation

Monday, March 2, 2009

Featuring: The 'Next Generation' designer, Alessia Xoccato

'Next Generation' showcased one of Italian design-school graduates, Alessia Xoccato (her website: (still under construction) during Milan Fashion Week.

Here are two garments from her collection:

More on 'Next Generation' from WWD:

...and a short video from

...or just link up on this website:

By the way, Alessia, congrats on your show! Really liked the garments you produced (from what I saw on the video!).

A little more on the designer next time )of some of her other works as I'm working on a project which has almost taken a bit of my time (also more on that project in the future...).

Target Goes To McQueen (Part Four) - Updated with TV commercial!

Just two pictures from 'Los Angeles Times':

Article on:,0,7902461.story

...and their commercial...

Trust me, I'm not a huge fan of Alexander McQueen and I understand that this news of the collaboration is probably getting too much...

Anyway, just posting the commercial I encountered.

McQueen x Target x Blythe Commercial

Video source: Nitrolicious

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