Thursday, May 27, 2010

That one outfit which I don't like from Sex and the City 2...

I've been reading the reviews about Sex and the City 2 and it does not look like the reviewers has taken it well, what about the general public? What were the content of the movie that it had to be banned in the UAE? Wait and see...

However, I'm wondering why are magazines raving about this look? 

...I think it doesn't look stylist or appealing at all! I guess I'm not into the outfit because it screams TACKY and partly, I'm not really into t-shirts which spells out any brand names...logos placed in a subtle manner like Lacoste is the best... What went through the minds when they decided to put together this ensemble??? Sure, the skirt is from Zac Posen but seriously, this should be left out at any territory, during all times of the day! Apparently, it was suppose to be to a partial homage to the outfit (tank-top and tutu) at the opening sequence of the television series...

This "me likey"!

Don't get me wrong, I love the series and the styling back then (some bits in the first movie) but I have a feeling, I will be disappointed with the movie as I hated the promotional trailer... for these dresses from 'Halston Heritage' (which Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw) is chief creative officer for this as well)...

The words chanting in my mind now are...'Product placement....product placement...product placement...' . I swear I saw something similar at H&M in a camisole top...

However, I'll be watching the movie to see if the reviews are accurate...

Link up: Daily Mail Online - How Sex And The City sold its soul: Since Carrie & Co hit the big screen they've turned into man-obsessed morons

This is was interesting to read though it's just one point of view... The article is kind of harsh and expect some spoilers of the second movie.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Link Up: Online Traveling Guides - Monday Flying, Spotted by Locals, Singaporean in London

Anyone heading to Asia this Summer? Check out 'Monday Flying'

Monday Flying cover articles of lifestyle, travel and the Asian cities in the website (from the local perspective).

The website covers cities such as Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Bangkok. I believe it is a good starting point when planing your trip this Summer. 

Though the website is still new, I hope it could someday become like the website 'Spotted by Locals' which covers European cities (which I have used quite a lot of since I moved to London).

Lastly, another website I rely on when I am stuck on places to go around in London created by a Singaporean Expatriate in London called 'A Singaporean in London' and 'London Chow' (for food reviews, from there, I found out the address for some delicious handmade noodles near London Chinatown!). This website provides interesting and informative articles on saving money in London, dining, attraction and of course, the 'London culture' (perhaps I should say behaviours!) from a Singaporean point of view.

I must warn you, these websites can be slightly addictive!

Link Up: 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Indulge? I could use a weekend at a 'coloured coded hotel'....

Project deadlines are looming and I could use the weekend away! Introducing 'The PANTONE HOTELTM'  in Brussels by the company that specialise with colours coding 'creating a lifestyle' (mainly used to decide on colours for designing products, interiors and buildings).

Each of the guest rooms limits up to seven colours. I guess in a way, it harmonizes the colour environment?

Description from the website:

"Not only is The PANTONE HOTELTM located figuratively at the center of your Brussels experience, but it’s also in the heart of the trendy shopping district, Avenue Louise and Toison d’Or. Whether you are looking for clothes, shoes, books, tableware, jewelry, cosmetics, ... you can find anything within a stone's throw away. If you are attracted by the luxurious fashion designers flagshipstores, you will find them there as well, on Boulevard de Waterloo."

Also within the hotel premises, there's a lounge serving cocktails, souvenir shop selling their products and a 'Pantone Colour Consultant' (by appointment only). Care to stay at the colour coded hotel in Brussels? Looks interesting! Might consider staying there if anyone wants to come with me!

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Official Website:

More on 'Independent':

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Fashion Icons go 'Disney' Ulrich Schröder

This will be the reason to grab a copy of Elle Spain (April Issue 2010) if I can get hold of it...

Illustrations by Ulrich Schröder

Recognise him?



Pictures from Elle Spain (April 2010)