Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Everyone's talking about 'The September Issue'

After watching the movie, 'The September Issue', I realised that I might have a copy of the magazine back in my house in Singapore. The copy of the magazine was printed back in 2007. I remember on my way back to Milan (I was studying there for around a year) from Singapore, I took out the magazine from my backpack while waiting for the plane to take off. While reading, I remember the lady next to me gasping 'Oh my! What a huge magazine! I've never seen anything like that!'. I never thought how much work and how huge that September of Vogue was until I watched the movie.

Part from the movie (from the DVD I bought)

I really liked the movie as it was not overly exaggerated like 'Devil Wears Prada'. Sure, it looks tough but it seems pretty real and made me see another side of Anna Wintour. Grace Coddington who we now can see is one of the great brains behind the whole magazine. I had thought that there would be a huge concentration of bitching in the movie...seeing 'Devil Wears Prada' but in fact, I was glad that I was wrong about this!
The actual September Issue that went to press in 2007 and it was super heavy to carry around!

Watch the movie (I've read from FashionNation that the movie is showing at two cinemas in Singapore) or buy the DVD (I bought mine from HMV in London but all of you can get the DVD from It's not only for fashionistas, it's for everyone to understand what goes on behind the scene and the human emotions that goes into the magazine.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Mini Update: London's Calling!

Alright, so then, I did not mention this before on this blog but now, I am in London. I will be in London for a while doing a course in footwear. Honestly, it sounds exciting but honestly, I am super nervous to start.
I arrived in London on Friday, after waiting so long at the 'First time students and dependent' queue. The queue was unbelievably jammed packed and some people kept being sent to health control...however, I didn't need to be sent I had my documentations ready but I had to wait at least an hour and a half until it was my turn.

Well then, I'm here, not much has happened apart from seeing a relative and for my parent's excitiement, going to a newer mall (Westfield Mall) to shop. Yup, I had to carry my dad's item which was from Alessi and heavy...and 'broken' according to him...

by Zaha Hahid least I managed to get a pair of shoes I've been wanting to get for months from United Nude! It would have cost me SGD$ 400 but I got it for I think GBP 79! My dad thought I bought some hinge to fix the window.

Finally, I've got a pair of these!

It may seem old to most people but honestly, I like the design and it is one of the most comfortable pair of heels at it supports the foot in the middle rather than on the heel. The last it made of the same kind of metal used on BMW cars. Sturdy!

Later on in the night, at the food court, I had a pie from 'Square Pie' with their monthly special, Beef rendang and yes, it tasted like the Indonesian dish itself though it was weird eating it with mashed peas (on the side).Beef Rendang pie!

Now that I am here, I hope to go and see more exhibitions, markets, shops and other cities and countries for inspiration!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Photo shoot for an upcoming online project...

At the last moment last week, I got to participate in a photo shoot. In the photo shoot, organised by Sunny, Yun Ting, Mae and Brendan (the photographer), I had the chance to get one set of my garment from one of the recent project ('Resuscitation') to be part of the shoot. Here are some 'behind the scenes' pictures and video (I apologise for the quality of the video as it was taken from my phone and my video editing skills is nowhere near beginner's level!). This photo shoot is part of an upcoming project mainly set up by Sunny, Yun Ting and other collaborators involved, as well as to promote the gallery Osage Gallery (at Old School, Singapore). Also in this post are some close up of the Dr. Martens shoes that were customised by us for the last project (which hardly got any publicity (for the shoes).

More about the project in the upcoming months.

The video

Designed and customised (the boots) by Lee Yun-Ting

Designed and customised (the boots) by me

Designed and customised (the boots) by Sunny Lim

Designed and customised (the boots) by Mae Pang

Designed by Charlotte Wang (the customised boots were not available for shooting)

...and it was a great photo shoot!