Thursday, June 19, 2008

Off to Shanghai...

My plane leaves in a couple of hours... I'll be off to Shanghai for around four days...

I've been reading up about Shanghai from Wiki-Travel (, Shopgirl Shanghai ( and some other website guide from Google.

Some pictures of the street wear worn in Shanghai from Fashion Trend Digest ( (in Chinese):

It's just a few since it's difficult to narrow down a particular style...and hopefully I can get some pictures (but most likely, I'll be a little too lazy to whip out my camera!)

There are some recommendation of other street wear on The Clothes Project ( (which mainly concentrates on Singapore street style but there is a list of website (listed on the right hand side of the page) mentioned from other countries as well!)

My friends has mentioned that things are too expensive in Shanghai...some of the items are more expensive than Singapore... Some have asked me why did I pick Shanghai instead of Guangzhou (where shopping is a lot cheaper!)...

Well basically, my answer 'I haven't been there before and want to go somewhere else new.' How simple is that?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The old issue of 'Counterfeiting'...

Counterfeiting has been around before I started high school! I used to fascinate with counterfeit items...but not to the extend that I would actually purchase it! Even the people I know are fed up with talking about it sometimes... I just wanted to give two links for the issue of counterfeiting...

Counterfeit Chic by Susan Scafidi


This site is about the culture of the copying products which is happening for a long time in a lot of industries. It goes in depth with the reasons on why we might (or will for most people) buy or reject knock-offs. They also go in depth with the legal issues and comparisons with the original and copies.

The Counterfeit Crochet Project

Crochet 'Gucci' Bag being constructed (source: The Counterfeit Crochet Project)

The website, which was created in 2006 asking participants to join in hand-counterfeiting designer crochet form (and it's still an ongoing project).

All they have to do is go onto the Internet and choose a design that they want to 'copy'. This website is interest as you can see the final results that may or may not bear resemblance to the originals, which according to the website is "an interesting part of the "translation."

Participants are encouraged to 'use' the bags and sending it to the founder so it will be displayed on the website.

Reasons for doing this? I suppose from my understanding, it's a way to create some form of awareness on counterfeiting in a humorous manner. Find out more on their website...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Preview: 'FLY Editorial'

Those who are familiar with 'FLY' ( or, then this might be old news for you. However, I thought of mentioning this here since it's one of the things I like to collect and observe (after magazines of course!).

'FLY' is a series of limited edition DVD that consists a collection of art, fashion inspired short films, interviews, documentaries and music videos (not shown on MTV, VH1 or any other music channel!). This entry will feature some clips and trailer (that I can find on the internet so far). Just keep reading...and view at some of the screen shots from FLY's website.

I remember hunting down their very first DVD which was called 'The Zero Issue'. Apparently, it has been sold out and also impossible to find until I saw it at a bookstore one day. I didn't care about the cost and just bought it! Since then, I've been addicted with getting more of their series since it was released (around 2006 I think!).

So far, I've only got 'The Zero Issue' (beige cover on the left shown above) and their second DVD; 'Words Remembered' (cover in the middle). I hope to get hold of their latest DVD called 'What A World, What A World' (cover on the right).

The list of collaborators and features are so huge that I can't name it all! Also, the DVD is so packed that I have not even have the time to finish the ones I have at hand! Here's a few collaborators (not in any category or order) just to get the gist of it.

Karl Lagerfeld
Gray Scott
John Malkovich
Prada (clothes)
Yves Saint Laurent (clothes)
Zac Posen (clothes)
Aphex Twin

For more listings and description, download their media-kit:

Here are the video clips I mentioned! Enjoy! (I could not find the trailer for 'Words Remembered' so you'll have to find it on their website to view it!)

'The Zero Issue' Trailer

'Lucifer's Milkmaid' by Gray Scott

Explaination of 'FLY' DVD (Source: Cool Hunting)

'What A World, What A World' Trailer
I love this scenario (located somewhere halfway through the clip)

[Lady in a black dress emerges from the doorway with a cigarette between her fingers. She does not take a smoke from it, she just poses...]

Man: I love it! What is it?

Lady: Givenchy.

P.S. To get some of the videos free, download the podcasts from iTunes under the name 'Fly' and the artist name 'Fashion Films' or just go to (if it's possible)...or simply, go to just to view more videos!

P.P.S. I really recommend viewing all of the features and contents as most of the free downloads are limited in length...and most of you would want more after seeing these clips...believe me! You can purchase it online at

P.P.P.S. Watch out for the new release this Fall (2008)!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What were they thinking?: SATC Hat Box

I understand there are product placements in television and movies. In fact, I like trying to recognize the brand and product featured on the screen…even if it’s shown for a few seconds.

One in particular, Sex and the City (SATC), is one of the many great example…I like seeing the clothes and trying to recognize the labels of the outfit worn. It can be fun (which is why it’s great to watch this over and over again)…

One particular 'accessory' from the movie caught my attention:

When I read Marie Claire UK (July 2008 and their website (shown above), it states that it’s one of the ‘in’ thing to carry these days. They even set up a sweepstake so that one could win this particular hat box by Lock & Co (; ‘The Carrie’ and one of their hats. I don’t mind so much on the sweepstake. I’m just a little concern that they actually sell the box for £450. However, since it’s bounded with leather around the box, I guess it should be understandable. Plus the box and logo looks nice…

Infomation on 'The Carrie' from Lock & Co. website (above).

I prefer to think of other solutions… I’m sure many of us would think of making their own… Go to any craft stores and grab a round box, decorate it, add the handles (string, ribbons, etc) then use it as a bag.

Of course there should be more to just these items... You got to decorate it somehow (whatever way you want). You can get boxes in different shapes and sizes (anywhere (first instinct would be IKEA), whether it's covered in fabric, leather or paper...) but I say something round or with a round edge feels more elegant.

I admit, it does look really nice. If I ever get round doing that, I'll make sure I post it here!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent: Will always be remembered...

It's normally difficult to write about the loss of anybody. It's a sensitive issue but I felt I should mention about one of the most influental design of all times; Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint Laurent.

I’m sure there are news headlines mentioning about the loss of the designer of the era, Yves Saint Laurent (1936-2008). Sometimes, it’s peculiar how such a lost can have an impact in our minds. However, for me, this instance, I would try to recall how I knew the name the first time.

One day, four years ago, I was researching on ‘The New Look’ by Christian Dior. How is this relevant to Yves Saint Laurent you ask…? Well simply put, it was right next to the page of Dior. Of course, that’s not all of it! I read more and found out that 17 year old Yves Saint Laurent worked for Dior (I kept reading on although it wasn’t part of my research). After Dior's death in 1957, Yves, at the age of 21, was in charge of the saving the Dior house from financial ruin. He retained the shape and the same exquisite fabrics which was the identity of Dior. Also, he made them softer, lighter and easier to wear which the public appreciated. Fast forward to 1962, after bringing Dior to success once again and in the wake of his shock from serving the army, he opened his own label called ‘YSL’.

Yves Saint Laurent during his early days of fashion:
Source: 'The Strait Times: Life; June 3, 2008' (Singapore newspaper)

I found this documentary on YouTube on the year (1962) he began his own line.

This loss of Yves Saint Laurent reminded me of last year's loss of the Italian designer. This was Gianfranco Ferre, known as "the architect of fashion" for his educational background and his original attitude towards fashion. Both worked towards the sucess of Dior during different eras.

A quote from Yves Saint Laurent which is fixed in my mind: “Fashion fades. Style is eternal.”

Indeed it does...

Observation: Sex and the City

I admit, I really like the television series, Sex and the City. The is THE SHOW where you can see clothing from various designers like Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Gucci, Prada....the list is endless. Everyone knows that it was the shoe where the public began to appreciate shoes from Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blanik and Jimmy Choo.

I find myself really fasinated with the garments which are featured in both the shoes and the movie (which I have to admit, I watched it twice :P)

Fans of the show or other fashionista who 'borrow ideas' from the shows often long for the items featured in the show. I find myself going on ebay typing in 'Manolo Blanik', 'Gucci', Vivienne Westwood' and 'Sex and the City' after watching some of their episodes. Sometimes I feel like getting these things.

Weeks (or maybe one or two months) before the movie premiered, there are articles that have been featuring the clothes from the movie. I find it really clever when there are magazine ariticles which runs about how to be stylish like the characters, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha on a budget (and believe me, I have some articles in various magazines I have encountered which would be too much to put in this blog!).

This was something I recieved from ASOS newsletter recently (I find it tempting to purchase their stuff but I feel it's kind of silly to purchase such thing since shipping is super expensive to my country!) on how to replicate the style of Carrie Bradsaw from the movie.

ASOS Newsletter (Click for a better view)

Many of us would know that 'Sex and the City' tours in New York are being set up by tour agencies just to get the experience. I liked this article from 8 Days.

(Click and read the article.... Prices quoted in Singapore dollars (as I assume). I feel tempted to try the hotel stay at The Berkley, Knightsbridge and can't help feeling a little sorry for the person who got duped for one particular tour. However, it seemed too good to be true and won't even bother trying to pay for such a thing!)

Anyway, here's one of the outfit I loved in the movie (as I like this particular designer!):

The Vivienne Westwood wedding dress! I'm not too hot on the feathers (actually more than that which you will find out in the movie) on the head. Apparently, it was a decision between Zac Posen and Vivienne Westwood for the wedding dress selection.... (read it on

A bit of a contrast to Dita Von Tesse's wedding dress (also designed by Vivienne Westwood) isn't it? I love this dress as well!

If I was a crazy fan, I would probably be moving to New York and try living in their own shoes this instant (and I am not that big of a fan)...