Sunday, June 15, 2008

The old issue of 'Counterfeiting'...

Counterfeiting has been around before I started high school! I used to fascinate with counterfeit items...but not to the extend that I would actually purchase it! Even the people I know are fed up with talking about it sometimes... I just wanted to give two links for the issue of counterfeiting...

Counterfeit Chic by Susan Scafidi


This site is about the culture of the copying products which is happening for a long time in a lot of industries. It goes in depth with the reasons on why we might (or will for most people) buy or reject knock-offs. They also go in depth with the legal issues and comparisons with the original and copies.

The Counterfeit Crochet Project

Crochet 'Gucci' Bag being constructed (source: The Counterfeit Crochet Project)

The website, which was created in 2006 asking participants to join in hand-counterfeiting designer crochet form (and it's still an ongoing project).

All they have to do is go onto the Internet and choose a design that they want to 'copy'. This website is interest as you can see the final results that may or may not bear resemblance to the originals, which according to the website is "an interesting part of the "translation."

Participants are encouraged to 'use' the bags and sending it to the founder so it will be displayed on the website.

Reasons for doing this? I suppose from my understanding, it's a way to create some form of awareness on counterfeiting in a humorous manner. Find out more on their website...

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