Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A little too late but still newsworthy: Steel Heel - Chau Har Lee

I know this is late in terms of footwear news but been lacking proper internet connection the last few weeks hence the lack of updates. Also had million of things to tackle which include my school project (which hopefully I'll post someday...).

Anyway, a few months ago, at Selfridges and in the Evening Standard I saw this shoe (to be custom-made according to the customer's foot size) by Chau Har Lee (RCA graduate with an impressive CV and achievements!), and in a structural and construction sense, it was interesting.

I've overheard from students in my school that the designer herself must have taken  around eight to ten years to develop the heels. I guess it could be one of the elements we do take for granted when designing a shoe...and should take in consideration...

I've seen the shoe and I must say, it looks great on the stand.  I've  touched the shoe as well but unfortunately, since it is only custom made, I couldn't try them on. Does it look stable enough to support the whole body? I keep visualising myself falling down on such thin heels (where the thickness of the heel is only around 5mm!). Does it look good in real life? 

Though there are photos on Stylebubble, I prefer to show the official photographs from the website.

Don't get me wrong, I like the shoe (reason why I keep refering it as 'shoe' is because, only one side is displayed in Selfridges) design and I think it might be worth £1550 (as I recall from looking at the price tag)'s just that I don't see myself paying that much...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lanvin for H&M - Fall Winter 2010/2011 Full Fashion Advert (Exclusive)

Yup, it's another designer collaboration. This time, it's between Lanvin and H&M.

...the collection below (click on the images for a clearer view)...

Photos: H&M

I've thought of queuing up to buy some items from the collection...probably one of the best looking garments since Victor and Rolf (and yes, Karl Lagerfeld!). However, I have something to do that morning...and I will have to give it a miss since everyone knows how quickly these pieces will snap up!

I like this video as it shows different ages and body types, in a way that everyone can enjoy the collection. 

Link to the video in case it doesn't show on your browser:

Enjoy the video!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Folding Effect?: Issey Miyake

Question, is the origami craze back or has it always been around? Even so, no matter what, I like it! It's one of the ways I get my ideas.

This is the case for Issey Miyake's new collection. Known for his label "Pleats Please" where most of his garments are pleated, he comes back into the season with an 'origami' inspired outfit from his new line, "132 5".

According to Ecouterre,:

"The clothing is first designed using a program that generates 3D shapes from a single sheet of paper."

"132 5", derives from Miyake’s Reality Lab. A software program is used to design the clothing where 3D is produced from a single flat sheet of paper.

What is behind the number, "132 5"? 

“1″ is for the single piece of cloth used to make each item, 
“3″ represents the 3D shape the garment takes,
“2″ shows that the garment will be flattened in a 2D form
The single space (it is literately added, not a typing mistake) represents "the time between the completion of the folded form and the moment someone puts it on" (Ecouterre)
Lastly, “5″ is a symbol of the concept’s multiple mathematical combinations.

Interesting how the creases gives out a crisp yet clean outline of the dress. This will sure make packing a lot easier!

More on:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

'Shoe Model' at Selfridges and London Fashion Weekend...

Decoration at Selfridges:

Recently, Selfridges revamped their shoe department where it hosts various brands, high street and designer. In spirit of the revamp, as we go up the escalators, one will be able to see shoes hanging from the ceiling, made from what I believe a series of sheets of plastic (or could have been paper).

London Fashion Weekend:

Those who read this blog outside of the UK, London Fashion Weekend is an event which is held after London Fashion Week. This event enable the public to enjoy the 'fashion week hype'...and also for other designers, well known or new labels to sell off their range of products, off season to the current season for a 'great bargain' (basically another excuse to come up with a shopping spree (which I think it's quite clever timing).

Of course, this comes with a price...and I was willing to fork out the money just to see what's the hype is all about.

Elizabeth Arden makeover counter (a lot of people signed up for this, looked really good but I was too tired and also didn't feel like parting with my £10. However, I ended up buying the foundation powder and skin care product which came with a free gift).

The bar outside the catwalk area

Inside the '£8 goody bag' (though I ended with with more boxes of 'Special K' cereal (as in the event, they kept offering people boxes of cereal though it was already in the goody bag (more cereal for a while!)

Not a clear photo of the catwalk. Read 'Note'

Note: Unfortunately, there are no runway pictures as I conveniently forgot to bring my camera. Also, the models on the catwalk glowed in my photos (from my iPhone). However, I must say the show was pretty good considering it's more of a public catwalk show as opposed the official shows where most buyers and celebrities are invited. Anyway, the catwalk show showed a couple of outfits with this season's trend (A/W 2010) and outfits from two brands/designers, Ashley Isham and BodyAmr (interesting drapes on the outfits).

Ashley Isham's design as shown in the catwalk show's programme.

BodyAmr's design as shown in the catwalk show's programme.

Finally, the purchases I made, just a few jewellery pieces which I couldn't resist.

Will I go again? I suppose I would since the ticket I bought includes the catwalk show and goody bag (I must say, it's a really good one...though if you bought another type of ticket, one would have paid £8 for the goody bag)... Perhaps I will go again just to get that feeling that I actually went to fashion week (when I don't get invited to any shows that is!).

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Too bad I don't get to go to London Fashion week...but been having a blast with a workspace.

I guess I didn't bother to check up on Fashion week since I've been busy.

Oh yes, I've been doing work experience and here's some pictures of my work space.

Where I hang out most of the time. Quite a nice corner to work on. This is where I label and cut the leather, use the leather puncher and join the parts of the leather.


...and more! :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Say hello to another collaboration: H&M and Lanvin!

Arriving during November 2010 is a new another designer collaboration; H&M and Lanvin.


Watch the video clip here:

No official pictures are in circulation at the moment.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Should I give myself a birthday treat by getting a pair of this stilettos?

Most of us may have heard of this news in February this year that Paris couturier Jean Paul Gaultier collaborates with Melissa to create this shoe... Another eco-concious product on the loose (and I'm liking it!).

I just saw this in a boutique while walking to my next destination a few hours ago and the question remains...should I get a pair of this shoe?

I was tempted to try them but was afraid that I would end up buying it straight-away (like I did without trying a pair of the Vivienne Westwood court shoes (the first range by again, Melissa).

The heels looked and felt sturdy but didn't know that as I didn't try them.

Oh yes, I saw this in caramel colour as well but I according to "Digital Dazed" (of "Dazed and Confused"), it comes in several colours such as beige, tangerine, lime and of course as pictured, black.

Alright, is it worth that getting the plastic (eco-friendly) pair of stilettos for the price to pay? :)

Image source: Digital Dazed; also read a bit about it on their entry (dates back to Feb 2010)

Something to kick off the start of a new day... "Fire In Your New Shoes"

I found this video from a random posting on Facebook and been quite addicted to the song

It's one of the song I like to hear when I am walking.

This song is by Kaskade which features Martina of Dragonette

"Fire In Your New Shoes" 

I love a good "old fashion" reverse playback (well semi-reverse in this case...)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

'Horsing around' and 'being luxuriously sustainable' at Carnaby Street (2010)

Around two weeks (or perhaps more!) ago, I went to see some examples of student's work at Carnaby Street (for LCF 2010 Cordwainers Footwear Design) and well, I wasn't suppose to but I did manage to take a photo of one work which struck me. 

This prototype was designed by graduate, Harriet Holt (

Up close, it was made out of horse skin and had the horse shoe. There are no heels for support. One has to support at the ball area of the foot (like standing on tip-toes though not that drastic!). 

Here are more pictures from the designer's page:

Prototype on the model

Up-close and 'personal'

The design was based on the concept of therianthropy - the metamorphosis of a human into an animal or a being which is part human, part animal - as found in both classical mythology and popular culture. Honestly, the show piece scared me a little bit at first. However, after a second look, I began to appreciate the construction and the effort taken to make the shoe. It's one of the design I can't take my eyes off!

Another work which I saw nearby this stand was the work by Helen Furber. It has been the talk of the town (well digital-wise through blogs) the last few weeks.The designer takes an innovative spin of being sustainable with her design.  The life cycle of the shoe is redefined. The shoe goes through layers that are then recyclable or biodegradable after they have been worn and torn. The leather used (by Soil Association certified Organic leather by Natureally) is organic in a sense that during the whole process, every animal has been treated to the highest standards. The collection was sponsored by Y-3 Adidas.

These images and photographs are from a mix from sources, 'Outsapop' (also via 'Stylebubble') and Helen Furber's website (

The footwear prototype using organic leather.

The wedge unit.

From the source describing the collection:

"Icica Concept Wedge rexamines luxury footwear materials and construction. The result is an avant-garde product which aims to challenge the traditional footwear product life-cycle."

I loved the idea behind the design and basically, it is something all designers seem to be steering towards, sustainability. Unfortunately, it hasn't been manufactured for the market yet. If so, I would love to get a pair of these shoes as I love the structure and construction.

Lastly, a promotional video of the project:

Icica from Helen Furber on Vimeo.

Alternatively, view it through this link:

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eyeing on: Shoes or Socks?

Is this the case of optical illusion from 'Purple Label'?  I quite like these...but I'm trying to figure out what ways can style myself with these socks...what do you all think? 

For more views:

Friday, June 25, 2010

Latest Creation 'Costing the Earth' Glove Shoe

It's been a while since I posted my creations. Anyway, this is the only one I have done the past few months.

I made this shoe out of one and a half gloves and the heel is made of the floor decking I obtained from Ikea.

The heel I made with guidance from my relative. This was at a slight raw stage before adding the polish.



3/4 Flipped Down

Monday, June 7, 2010

What are they thinking: Printed Fuzz?

I saw this on the 'Evening Standard'...

Don't worry, the 'hair' is just printed!!! I guess 'Miss Geschick & Lady Lapsus' decided that it was attractive to look fuzzy at that area (it's only printed on one side). Perhaps it was a little too (ahem!) 'provocative' for the Evening Standard to show the knicker (underwear) version of this print...

                                               think people spend money to groom themselves...perhaps a subtle way to go 'Beth Ditto' (it has been reported that she doesn't groom...)? 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yes, I watched Sex and the City 2...

So then, I've finally watched the movie. This is what I think...

Sex and the City 2 was not as bad as the movie critics claimed it was. Fans of the series will still like elements of the movie. However, there were parts of the movie and the styling of the outfits which gave me a bit of goose bumps.

These parts I sort of cringe...

Liza Minnelli's dance number, 'Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)' sort of gave me the goose bumps but I realised, she actually made an effort. She tried her best pulling off the dance number.

The Irish soundtrack used to show the Irish nanny that Charlotte hired was pretty cheesy that it actually made me cringe (nothing wrong with the music, I just hated the way it was used in the movie)

Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Carrie was a little annoying that I almost got fed up with her. It was like she wants to create another problem for herself...perhaps she got bored...that's why she went overseas? By the end of the movie, she 'grew up' after a little blunder and set back in Abu Dhabi...

The styling...what can I say...I didn't like it at all... It’s ‘tackyville’!!!

Seriously, who would wear something like in the middle of a desert!? No wonder why Samantha was having hot flashes (in another manner)!

Oh my...Samantha...are those spikes necessary?

Seriously, what's with the spikes?! It's either I don't like the dress or I don't really like Miley Cyrus in general... Who do you think wore this dress better? Let me know!

I guess the movie did portray on how some ugly truths on how some people would act if they were in a completely being amused (and perhaps making fun of) by a culture and behaviour that is 'unusual' to them... It did bring some negative aspects of the characters in the movie....

The writers for the movie might have been somewhat insensitive but....I mean seriously, do we need to see Carrie, Miranda and Samantha poking fun at the women eating chips under her niqāb? This part was unnecessary...which I guess prompted the critics to call this issue ‘racist after the movie was released last week (a little more insights of this issue at the end of the entry). Perhaps this was one of the reasons why UAE didn’t want the production team to film the movie (the movie was filmed in Morocco)? Perhaps way they portrayed Samantha’s behaviour in the movie (which was unacceptable, even though she was really frustrated...Miranda was at least a bit more prepared and considerate to the situation)... However, there is a true element for one scene where some of the ladies, would wear designer outfits underneath their niqāb (this is apparently true as I was once told that this is actually done!).

I did enjoy seeing the movie with my friends...especially one who got excited and sort of gasped at one scene (kissing involved with Carrie and a certain someone)...the situation was hilarious!

I liked how the movie started with a little flash back of how the ladies dressed up almost 20 years ago (with some flashback of styles of the late 80’s). The story was interesting at the start until the ladies decided to go to Abu Dhabi... I guess I wish they focused more in New York like they did in the first movie (which I thought was a lot better)...

Hee hee...I don't get the elbow band on Carrie's outfit...I guess it's what they call 'fashion'!

Wow! That cassette Walkman brings me back memories! I think I've still got mine somewhere in my house in Singapore!

 Oh my...this hairstyle brings me back memories...ten year back...when I had my hair cut like this and I got teased at a gathering...

The settings, the interior of the movie, Carrie and Big’s apartment was nicely done...perhaps if I ever get my own place...I would consider using my hallway as a library.

I’ll love to stay and be served in a room like where the ladies stayed in ‘Abu Dhabi’...though I guess might be a little intimidating when you have butlers on call almost everywhere you go...

Lastly...I would love to fly in the airplane class they sat in on the way to Abu Dhabi...I know there are some airplanes with a bar inside...imagine such luxury on the plane on a 13 hour flight....

Oooo! Cosmos in the plane!

This is the only outfit (dress by Christian Dior (John Galliano) I liked in the movie...though actually, it was worn in Season Three's episode, 'What Goes Around Comes Around'.

Overall, I still think the movie isn’t that bad...I could re-watch some of the parts of the movie...and skip a couple of scenes to the end... Who know what they will show next (though I thought it should have stopped at the first movie...)....perhaps a prequel?

...and yes, I still don’t like that outfit I last mentioned (Dior t-shirt with Zac Posen skirt), even after seeing it at the big screen!

Further reading: Sex and the City 2: A Disaster of Cultural Stereotypes

Please note that the article does not mean I support or do not support these views...I am showing this article from a ‘third person’ point of view.