Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A little too late but still newsworthy: Steel Heel - Chau Har Lee

I know this is late in terms of footwear news but been lacking proper internet connection the last few weeks hence the lack of updates. Also had million of things to tackle which include my school project (which hopefully I'll post someday...).

Anyway, a few months ago, at Selfridges and in the Evening Standard I saw this shoe (to be custom-made according to the customer's foot size) by Chau Har Lee (RCA graduate with an impressive CV and achievements!), and in a structural and construction sense, it was interesting.

I've overheard from students in my school that the designer herself must have taken  around eight to ten years to develop the heels. I guess it could be one of the elements we do take for granted when designing a shoe...and should take in consideration...

I've seen the shoe and I must say, it looks great on the stand.  I've  touched the shoe as well but unfortunately, since it is only custom made, I couldn't try them on. Does it look stable enough to support the whole body? I keep visualising myself falling down on such thin heels (where the thickness of the heel is only around 5mm!). Does it look good in real life? 

Though there are photos on Stylebubble, I prefer to show the official photographs from the website.

Don't get me wrong, I like the shoe (reason why I keep refering it as 'shoe' is because, only one side is displayed in Selfridges) design and I think it might be worth £1550 (as I recall from looking at the price tag)'s just that I don't see myself paying that much...

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