Sunday, November 30, 2008

Featuring: Ikea - Fashion and Singaporean Lifestyle Survey Results

Every now and then, I would go to my local Ikea website (or even the store itself) to stay updated with new products range and a great bargain (when I lived in Milan, going to Ikea was like being back home in Singapore. My father and I would go there whenever we can several times a year).

Anyway, this post isn't mainly about furniture...

Recently, Ikea Singapore launched an advertising campaign by doing a survey called "How is your everyday life at home?' (in Singapore).
This survey will give a little gist on the lifestyle at home lead in Singapore and I got to admit, I do most of the stuff mentioned! More on the links mentioned at end of this entry.

As a Singaporean, I think some of the facts are true and some are well...not sure whether it's true!

These fashion inspired pictures were used in another advertising campaign back in Scandinavia by advertising agency, DDB Oslo, Norway.

The advertisements were done a while back but I still think it's a strong advertisement plus it stirs on ideas in my head to perhaps use their textile selection to create some fashionable items.

Wow, now I need more fabrics!


To get more survey statistics:

For better views of Ikea's 'Fashion' advertisement:

More creative use of Ikea's product range:

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Featuring: Li Xiaofeng

We have heard of garments made of paper, grass, flowers, chocolates...etc.

How about garments made out of porcelain?

Li Xiaofeng, an artist from Beijing creates clothing piece made from such media.

He constructed the garments with porcelain shards coming from different dynasties (like the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty...)

These shards are sewn together onto a leather undergarment (I figure, it's like doing embroidery). Here are some examples of compositions done...

This piece, "Beijing Memory" was created in 2007. The materials used were pocerlain from the Qing Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty sewn with silver thread. That's why it is priced at $85,000! (Pictures from Le Zèbre Bleu)

This piece, "Dream of the Yong Le" was made with porcelain shards from Qing Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty. (Picture from "Design Boom" website)

Feeling a little 'fragile'?

Further reading/viewing on:

Design Boom:


Hong Art:

Le Zèbre Bleu:

Monday, November 24, 2008

Target goes to McQueen! (Part 2)

There were some thoughts on how would this collaboration will go about...and what the clothes will look like.

Here are two photographs. Pictured below are the t-shirts in the collection.

Pictures from

I think it's too early to judge...will wait and see what it will look like in Spring 2009.

More on:

...and the official source:

Click here to read the last article.

Well, I guess it will be sold out as fast as the Comme des Garcon line for H&M!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Preview: JCDC Versus LEGO

Do you know or recall this?

...or these?

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac (also known as JD/DC), the Moroccan born and French through nobility fashion designer is known for his imaginative designs as presented above... Fancy watching a fashion show with some familiar figures?

This is a
CGI animation of a LEGO fashion show by Fabrice Pathier (Four H) ( The clip features designs by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac ( You will recognise some of the clothes from his past of the creations (well except you won't find the teddy bear coat...)...and also a familiar face we all know from Vogue!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Featuring: Phillip Toledano

Phillip Toledano (or known as Mr. Toledano on his website) was born in London in 1968 to an American father and a French Moroccan mother. When he was 11, he received his first camera and started taking 'odd' photos. However, he worked as an art director at ad agencies. A few years ago he started taking up photography full.

Today, he lives in New York City and take photographs full time.

He has a wide range of conceptual photos under different genre like enviroment, editorials, fashion, etc...

To date, he has released two photography books called 'Phone Sex' and 'Bankrupt', topics related to what's relevant in our world today.

Picture from the book 'Phone Sex'

Picture from the book 'Bankrupt'

Here are some fashion photos with my own little caption:

"The price to pay for fashion has been raised?"

"Looks like that idea has been scrapped for this season..."
"There goes my proposed idea..."

"Design ideas comes to life..."

"Oh dear...just a little fashion meltdown I suppose..."

"Literately, this was how we ended up being under the "credit crunch" shopping until we dropped!'

Really incredible and gorgeous pictures...there are so many interpretations to the photos!

More photos on these websites (fashion and non-fashion):

Official Website:
Online Portfolio:

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Target goes to McQueen!

...and presenting another collaboration with...Target & Alexander McQueen!

Well, I wonder what it'll look like...I've been quite disappointed with collaborations lately like the one with Patricia Field with HSN/Marks and Spencers (yes, I've seen the garments here in Singapore and the price are rather...well no comments here! I must admit though, the workmanship is pretty good!). One of the collaboration I liked was with Vivienne Westwood and Melissa (and I got a pair of the courts shoes (in red) from a friend and it's really comfortable!).

The collection will be sold on and the retailer’s stores from March 1 through April 11 of next year, 2009.

From 'The Wall Street Journal' website:

"The line, named McQ Alexander McQueen for Target, will be inspired by British rock band The Duke Spirit and will be priced within the retailer’s cheap-chic price range."

Will the McQ line translate well into 'cheap-chic'? (Picture from (McQ)

More infomation on these websites:

Like Susie Bubble points out from her entry:

Higher Street Fashion <-> "Chopshop"< -> McQ

Formulates well doesn't it?