Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Featuring: Li Xiaofeng

We have heard of garments made of paper, grass, flowers, chocolates...etc.

How about garments made out of porcelain?

Li Xiaofeng, an artist from Beijing creates clothing piece made from such media.

He constructed the garments with porcelain shards coming from different dynasties (like the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty...)

These shards are sewn together onto a leather undergarment (I figure, it's like doing embroidery). Here are some examples of compositions done...

This piece, "Beijing Memory" was created in 2007. The materials used were pocerlain from the Qing Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty sewn with silver thread. That's why it is priced at $85,000! (Pictures from Le Zèbre Bleu)

This piece, "Dream of the Yong Le" was made with porcelain shards from Qing Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty. (Picture from "Design Boom" website)

Feeling a little 'fragile'?

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