Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day at the Museum: Northampton Museum & Art Gallery (Shoe Collection)

Recently (less than a week ago), I took a day trip (with a friend of mine) to Northampton. Since we had time, we decided to visit the museum with a huge shoe collection!

Here are a few highlights...

Black and white syntetic platform sandal
Cypriana shoes, London 1980 - 1983
Made for 'glamour' market

Women's white plastic flip-flop
'Fruit Flops'
c. 1990
Bound foot shoes made around 1900 in China. Imagine trying to squeeze into those (it's like the size of the modern day few month old baby shoes)! 

 Bound foot shoes, in a Western style.

The Dragon Shoe by Thea Cadabra 

What a beauty! A drawer fill of heels! 

Red leather heels with a brass cage heel. 

A display full of old lasts.

A shoe 'fetish'?

That infamous platform (design) which made Naomi Campbell trip over on the catwalk (for Vivienne Westwood. Note: The original shoe was blue)

Shoe for an elephant!

 I tried on these pair of shoes and I must say, they were too big and heavy! Can you see the little fish inside the heel?

 Another part of the room which displayed how 'criminal' shoes can be (or how much criminal evidence the authorities can obtain from just shoes).

James Bond (007) (Roger Moore) weapon (see that little knife?)!

 Extracted footprints from the crime scene.

Never thought there would be evidence of some crime just by looking at a pair of shoes
hung over the telephone line...

I must say, the visit to the museum was educational and worth a visit (plus it is free to enter)! Though the museum is small, the massive amount of shoes (only around 1,000 displayed at the rest of the 12,000 shoes are impossible to display) is enough to keep anyone occupied.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Watch this short film: INFLUENCERS

Images from 'Influencer' website press release kits.

'How does a form of influence and trend become contagious?'

It's all shown in this short documentary released by R+I Creative.

Have to thank my friend from my course, Nadia who shared the trailer and the film for 'Influencers'

The series of films (so far, only one has been released) by Davis Johnson and Paul Rojanathara covers how influences from music, fashion, products...etc...becomes part of our everyday lives.

This is stuck in my mind from the film (which is an excerpt from Malcolm Gladwell's bestselling book, 'The Tipping Point'): 'The tipping point is a biography of an idea, and the idea is very simple. Ideas and products and messages and behaviours spread just like viruses do...'

INFLUENCERS TRAILER from R+I creative on Vimeo.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Keeping up with Singapore! Whew!

The last one week in Singapore has been really fast that I'm losing track of time....or even...my way...

Basically, I never thought I would say 'Gee, where the heck am I....?'... Yes, at times, I get lost in Singapore.... So many changes in Singapore in one year that it is so hard to keep up. I guess that's the beauty of Singapore! :)

Anyway, as I was typing an email to a friend of mine, I managed to compile a couple of places to visit in Singapore... Here are some of the places (no images but click on the links for a rough idea or search for the names on the Internet) I would usually recommend visitors to head to (that hopefully will still remain there until my next visit!):

- Nee Ann City for the bookstore called 'Kinokuniya' on the 3rd floor and the Japanese departmental store, Takashimaya.

- Cineleisure for the store on the 3rd floor called 'Editor's Market'. The concept of buying the items is the more items you buy, the cheaper the items will be. (http://www.facebook.com/theeditorsmarket )

- Mandarin Gallery for a range of designer wear (there are mainly international designers in this mall though there are some Singaporean and other brands as well such as 'Hansel', 'Ashley Isham', 'JBNY', 'EggThree'...

Another area I love to go to visit to photograph the building is the theatre called the 'Esplanade' (http://www.esplanade.com/). During some evenings, there are free musical performances outside the theatre along the bay. Nearest train station is 'City Hall MRT' or 'Esplanade MRT'

There is a new building (which I haven't been to) called Marina Bay Sands (MBS (Bayfront MRT). The main attraction for $20 (Singapore Dollars) is the 'sky garden' (roof top garden). Just a warning from some of my friends who has been there, DO NOT go there in the early afternoon (like between 1pm-5pm) as the it is really hot up there (the sun!).http://www.marinabaysands.com/SandsSkypark/Sands_Sky_Park.aspx

Sometimes, I love to drop by:

'Chinatown' (Chinatown MRT)
It's nothing like Paolo Sarpi in Milan. It's completely different. definitely the place to check out.


The street that's the easiest to walk is 'Pagoda Street' which links to the end of the main road called 'South Bridge Road'

Check out some of the shops along 'Ann Siang Hill'. There is one store to visit called 'Front Row' and 'EggThree' along Eskine Road

Also, check out this temple exterior called 'Sri Mariamman Temple' at the end of Chinatown (along South Bridge Road):http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sri_Mariamman_Temple,_Singapore

Near that area is an eating area called 'Maxwell Food Centre' where they serve up a lot of Singaporean cuisine.

'Arab Street' (Bugis MRT (5-10 minute walk, check the map for directions before heading there)


Go to 'Bussorah Street' as well as there are lots of things to see near the Mosque. Great place to relax. Also there is a hostel you can consider along that street called 'Sleepy Sam's' (http://www.sleepysams.com/)

Also, try to go along 'Haji Lane' which is very near Arab Street to see individual shops). (http://www.cnngo.com/singapore/visit/haji-lane-our-best-loved-shops-889607)

Oh yes, read this article as well as it is some of the things to expect when you are in Singapore. :)http://www.singaporeaninlondon.com/2010/02/what-to-do-in-singapore-holiday.html

There are a lot of places to visit in Singapore but I can only remember a few places. If I remember any more places, I will let you know...