Friday, May 1, 2009 last!

Before my trip to London, a friend of mine took me around Antwerp. It was a lot better than I expected!

First, I managed to actually shop for some clothes (don't get me wrong, I like Paris but just the sights, sounds and small little things) as I could fit into the stuff they sold.

I saw a could of brands I liked such as 'All Saints' (UK), Yohji Yamamoto (Japan), Fillipa K (Sweden...I think!)... Other than shopping, I went to the 'Fashion Museum' to see an exhibition called 'Paper Fashion' where designers created accessories and garments out of paper. It was great... Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take pictures...however, I found a link which gives some details of the exhibition and will post three pictures from the site here as a form of a preview...

First sight of Antwerp's shopping district...

Front of a shopping mall...

Inside that shopping mall...doesn't this looks a little like a martini glass? It is a cafe on the top!

I had to take a picture of this as I loved the colour scheme on this window display!

The rooftop of the 'Fashion Museum' (MoMu) was such a beautiful day!

The few exhibits from 'Paper Fashion'. Here is the source for 'Paper Fashion' in details (I love the pictures taken...exactly what I saw!): (Important! There are some copyright distribution for these photographs from the original author. Read here for more infomation:

This is the front of Yohji Yamamoto...a quick photo shot before the shop assistant noticed me... There is a back door that links to the Fashion Museum though the public aren't allowed to go through that door.

This will be one of the places I would go again in the future! Now I know why my friend went there several times!