Thursday, November 19, 2009

Featuring the Launch of Thursday Evenings' first issue

On the 7th of November, I mentioned about an online magazine called 'Thursday Evenings'. (The official website is Tonight is the official launch.

Thursday Evenings is an online magazine which showcases arts, fashion and literature. It is curated by Sunny Lim and Yun Ting.

More description from their page:

'...It is a product of inspiration by Virginia Woolf, who used to discuss philosophical ideas with her clique of friends every Thursday evenings over a cup of tea. We will like to convey that arts, fashion and literature are actually inter-linked disciplines, hence, guiding our readers through this journey of viewing the arts from various perspectives. A platform for art, fashion and literature to transcend new heights, and extend unrestrictedly.'

Here is a little teaser...

Do you to see more of these pages?

You can view the e-magazine at this link:

Also watch out for the final pictures from photo shoot I mentioned before I came to London.

Note: It might take a while for the pages to load up. Once it does, it will be worth it!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Feature by Test Shoot Gallery: Made-To-Feet

Here's a quick entry as I have to run some errands for my projects. Remember I did a project called 'Resuscitation' and the photo shoot for an online magazine? Well, it's not entirely related.

Test Shoot Gallery ( has done great shots incorporating the designer's customised Doc Marten's and the garments. Check it out at this link: Meanwhile, here's a shot of my design.

Also, check out this blog, Thursday Evenings ( which will launch an online magazine soon.

Credits (as stated on Test Shoot Gallery):

Test Shoot Gallery
/ May Lin le Goff
Fashion Direction / Ashburn Eng
Model / Budavári Liza (Ave Management)
Make-up / Dennis Ee
Hair / Chris Ruth
Fashion Co-ordinator / Shanna Matthew

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Grabbing Attention of Colours: DKNY

This advertisement caught my eye as I was flipping through (digitally) US Elle magazine.

Why did this catch my eyes? It's not the fact that you can wear it in different ways (as much as I like that has been done a lot of times!). It's simple. I love the colours of the cardigan and the way it was has sort of enticed me to get a cardigan from DKNY right now! There goes my money... I'm sure it's just a simple cardigan...perhaps I can just use my existing black or purple one from my tiny little wardrobe...

Colours, colours, colours...somehow on some grey days, I seem to be attracted to colours...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You all deserve an update... Shoes!

Wow, it has been more than a month since I last went on this blog. Most of you know that I'm doing a course in footwear design at London College of Fashion (which merged with Cordwainer's). Assignments are coming up in a huge stack but thought of posting some of the places I have visited, items I have collected and prototypes I've made the last few weeks.

Here are some of the exhibits made from the graduates from Royal College of the Arts. These works are still under display at Victoria and Albert Museum under the name of the exhibition, 'Future Fashion Now'. Shoes, garments and sketchbooks...

Before we go further, I'll just mention a little about food...

With another group of people, I went to eat french crepes at a cafe called 'The Kensington Crêperiè' ( located at South Kensington and it was the best I've other crepes I've tried...well here anyway compare to this! Of course I had share these crepes with a friend...and I didn't get to try the first crepe on the left. If I had one crepe for myself, I would not be able to try both the savory and sweet crepes! You could smell the crepes from far!

For a few days of last month, there was 'guerrilla' ice cream store constructed at London's Selfridges. Here are the interior... Good ice cream it a decent size...three flavours as pictured...I can't remember the name of the flavours though... However, the store has been pulled down as well, it is 'guerrilla'!

Alright, now to the 'fashion' side of things... This is one side of the pair of boots I obtained while I was at Notting Hill earlier last month. They cost £30. The store owner got these pair of boots from a theatre that was closing down. The pair of boots belonged to 'Rebecca Parker'. She got the shoes repaired, replacing the soles. I admit, it was difficult to walk in these shoes but I guess I need to stretch it a bit. It's the only pair of shoes I have that fit my calves. I'm wondering...should I keep the laces red or change them to purple?

This is one side of mules I constructed (with loads of help from the case you are wondering...yes I made a pair!)...when I attended a weekend course at another school called Prescott and Mackay ( I thought it was a great weekend course to take if you don't have the time to do a full-time course. Most of the classmates I met had a real high interest in shoe making and the class was fun. I though this class was beneficial for my research. I'm learning a different technique at LCF and it's good to learn different ways. Also, at LCF, I'm learning other aspects of shoe making like pattern cutting which was not covered in the two day course at Prescott and MacKay.

Here is a mini-mock up I did with the tissue-thin paper (the type you use to wrap presents) with my foot last. This is one of the mock-up I'm doing for my current project. I hope it works out. I normally use paper to drape and experiment with designs. I wonder if this sort of effect works with leather? Only one way to find out...experiment!

Just end this entry with this 'street art' I found while walking along Hoxton, spotted by my friend, Grace. This is a piece of work done by 'Johnathan Darby' (I have a feeling I spelt the name wrongly...if it doesn't look right, let me know!). Do you think this is inspiring?