Thursday, November 19, 2009

Featuring the Launch of Thursday Evenings' first issue

On the 7th of November, I mentioned about an online magazine called 'Thursday Evenings'. (The official website is Tonight is the official launch.

Thursday Evenings is an online magazine which showcases arts, fashion and literature. It is curated by Sunny Lim and Yun Ting.

More description from their page:

'...It is a product of inspiration by Virginia Woolf, who used to discuss philosophical ideas with her clique of friends every Thursday evenings over a cup of tea. We will like to convey that arts, fashion and literature are actually inter-linked disciplines, hence, guiding our readers through this journey of viewing the arts from various perspectives. A platform for art, fashion and literature to transcend new heights, and extend unrestrictedly.'

Here is a little teaser...

Do you to see more of these pages?

You can view the e-magazine at this link:

Also watch out for the final pictures from photo shoot I mentioned before I came to London.

Note: It might take a while for the pages to load up. Once it does, it will be worth it!

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