Friday, May 1, 2009 last!

Before my trip to London, a friend of mine took me around Antwerp. It was a lot better than I expected!

First, I managed to actually shop for some clothes (don't get me wrong, I like Paris but just the sights, sounds and small little things) as I could fit into the stuff they sold.

I saw a could of brands I liked such as 'All Saints' (UK), Yohji Yamamoto (Japan), Fillipa K (Sweden...I think!)... Other than shopping, I went to the 'Fashion Museum' to see an exhibition called 'Paper Fashion' where designers created accessories and garments out of paper. It was great... Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take pictures...however, I found a link which gives some details of the exhibition and will post three pictures from the site here as a form of a preview...

First sight of Antwerp's shopping district...

Front of a shopping mall...

Inside that shopping mall...doesn't this looks a little like a martini glass? It is a cafe on the top!

I had to take a picture of this as I loved the colour scheme on this window display!

The rooftop of the 'Fashion Museum' (MoMu) was such a beautiful day!

The few exhibits from 'Paper Fashion'. Here is the source for 'Paper Fashion' in details (I love the pictures taken...exactly what I saw!): (Important! There are some copyright distribution for these photographs from the original author. Read here for more infomation:

This is the front of Yohji Yamamoto...a quick photo shot before the shop assistant noticed me... There is a back door that links to the Fashion Museum though the public aren't allowed to go through that door.

This will be one of the places I would go again in the future! Now I know why my friend went there several times!


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Thank you for posting my pictures and linking back to the original source.
However, I have a copyright on them, see here
and the side widget on my blog.

Please make the license terms clear for your readers.

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Evelyn Messaris was born in the beautifull city of Patras,Greece,(but her plans are to live in London)and from an early age showed interest in designing clothes so in 2008 she attended a course on the fashion design at saint martins university of art and design in London! Now she studies applications in management and economics,
parallel she do not leaves what she loves, to get into fashion and designing clothes! the biography also must note that she has taken part in an art exhibition with success!

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