Saturday, November 8, 2008

Featuring: Phillip Toledano

Phillip Toledano (or known as Mr. Toledano on his website) was born in London in 1968 to an American father and a French Moroccan mother. When he was 11, he received his first camera and started taking 'odd' photos. However, he worked as an art director at ad agencies. A few years ago he started taking up photography full.

Today, he lives in New York City and take photographs full time.

He has a wide range of conceptual photos under different genre like enviroment, editorials, fashion, etc...

To date, he has released two photography books called 'Phone Sex' and 'Bankrupt', topics related to what's relevant in our world today.

Picture from the book 'Phone Sex'

Picture from the book 'Bankrupt'

Here are some fashion photos with my own little caption:

"The price to pay for fashion has been raised?"

"Looks like that idea has been scrapped for this season..."
"There goes my proposed idea..."

"Design ideas comes to life..."

"Oh dear...just a little fashion meltdown I suppose..."

"Literately, this was how we ended up being under the "credit crunch" shopping until we dropped!'

Really incredible and gorgeous pictures...there are so many interpretations to the photos!

More photos on these websites (fashion and non-fashion):

Official Website:
Online Portfolio:

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