Sunday, November 30, 2008

Featuring: Ikea - Fashion and Singaporean Lifestyle Survey Results

Every now and then, I would go to my local Ikea website (or even the store itself) to stay updated with new products range and a great bargain (when I lived in Milan, going to Ikea was like being back home in Singapore. My father and I would go there whenever we can several times a year).

Anyway, this post isn't mainly about furniture...

Recently, Ikea Singapore launched an advertising campaign by doing a survey called "How is your everyday life at home?' (in Singapore).
This survey will give a little gist on the lifestyle at home lead in Singapore and I got to admit, I do most of the stuff mentioned! More on the links mentioned at end of this entry.

As a Singaporean, I think some of the facts are true and some are well...not sure whether it's true!

These fashion inspired pictures were used in another advertising campaign back in Scandinavia by advertising agency, DDB Oslo, Norway.

The advertisements were done a while back but I still think it's a strong advertisement plus it stirs on ideas in my head to perhaps use their textile selection to create some fashionable items.

Wow, now I need more fabrics!


To get more survey statistics:

For better views of Ikea's 'Fashion' advertisement:

More creative use of Ikea's product range:

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