Saturday, September 25, 2010

'Shoe Model' at Selfridges and London Fashion Weekend...

Decoration at Selfridges:

Recently, Selfridges revamped their shoe department where it hosts various brands, high street and designer. In spirit of the revamp, as we go up the escalators, one will be able to see shoes hanging from the ceiling, made from what I believe a series of sheets of plastic (or could have been paper).

London Fashion Weekend:

Those who read this blog outside of the UK, London Fashion Weekend is an event which is held after London Fashion Week. This event enable the public to enjoy the 'fashion week hype'...and also for other designers, well known or new labels to sell off their range of products, off season to the current season for a 'great bargain' (basically another excuse to come up with a shopping spree (which I think it's quite clever timing).

Of course, this comes with a price...and I was willing to fork out the money just to see what's the hype is all about.

Elizabeth Arden makeover counter (a lot of people signed up for this, looked really good but I was too tired and also didn't feel like parting with my £10. However, I ended up buying the foundation powder and skin care product which came with a free gift).

The bar outside the catwalk area

Inside the '£8 goody bag' (though I ended with with more boxes of 'Special K' cereal (as in the event, they kept offering people boxes of cereal though it was already in the goody bag (more cereal for a while!)

Not a clear photo of the catwalk. Read 'Note'

Note: Unfortunately, there are no runway pictures as I conveniently forgot to bring my camera. Also, the models on the catwalk glowed in my photos (from my iPhone). However, I must say the show was pretty good considering it's more of a public catwalk show as opposed the official shows where most buyers and celebrities are invited. Anyway, the catwalk show showed a couple of outfits with this season's trend (A/W 2010) and outfits from two brands/designers, Ashley Isham and BodyAmr (interesting drapes on the outfits).

Ashley Isham's design as shown in the catwalk show's programme.

BodyAmr's design as shown in the catwalk show's programme.

Finally, the purchases I made, just a few jewellery pieces which I couldn't resist.

Will I go again? I suppose I would since the ticket I bought includes the catwalk show and goody bag (I must say, it's a really good one...though if you bought another type of ticket, one would have paid £8 for the goody bag)... Perhaps I will go again just to get that feeling that I actually went to fashion week (when I don't get invited to any shows that is!).

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Hey Lisa, thanks for your comment at Singaporean in London! Great site you got here, looks like something Wife would love. :)

Anyway, do you know that there'll be an upcoming exhibition for Country Life Living at Islington Business Centre? Just thought that you might wish to ask for some tickets reserved for press if you're interested in covering the event as well.