Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Folding Effect?: Issey Miyake

Question, is the origami craze back or has it always been around? Even so, no matter what, I like it! It's one of the ways I get my ideas.

This is the case for Issey Miyake's new collection. Known for his label "Pleats Please" where most of his garments are pleated, he comes back into the season with an 'origami' inspired outfit from his new line, "132 5".

According to Ecouterre,:

"The clothing is first designed using a program that generates 3D shapes from a single sheet of paper."

"132 5", derives from Miyake’s Reality Lab. A software program is used to design the clothing where 3D is produced from a single flat sheet of paper.

What is behind the number, "132 5"? 

“1″ is for the single piece of cloth used to make each item, 
“3″ represents the 3D shape the garment takes,
“2″ shows that the garment will be flattened in a 2D form
The single space (it is literately added, not a typing mistake) represents "the time between the completion of the folded form and the moment someone puts it on" (Ecouterre)
Lastly, “5″ is a symbol of the concept’s multiple mathematical combinations.

Interesting how the creases gives out a crisp yet clean outline of the dress. This will sure make packing a lot easier!

More on: http://www.ecouterre.com/issey-miyake-unfolds-origami-inspired-132-5-eco-fashion-collection/

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