Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What were they thinking?: SATC Hat Box

I understand there are product placements in television and movies. In fact, I like trying to recognize the brand and product featured on the screen…even if it’s shown for a few seconds.

One in particular, Sex and the City (SATC), is one of the many great example…I like seeing the clothes and trying to recognize the labels of the outfit worn. It can be fun (which is why it’s great to watch this over and over again)…

One particular 'accessory' from the movie caught my attention:

When I read Marie Claire UK (July 2008 and their website (shown above), it states that it’s one of the ‘in’ thing to carry these days. They even set up a sweepstake so that one could win this particular hat box by Lock & Co (http://www.lockhatters.co.uk/); ‘The Carrie’ and one of their hats. I don’t mind so much on the sweepstake. I’m just a little concern that they actually sell the box for £450. However, since it’s bounded with leather around the box, I guess it should be understandable. Plus the box and logo looks nice…

Infomation on 'The Carrie' from Lock & Co. website (above).

I prefer to think of other solutions… I’m sure many of us would think of making their own… Go to any craft stores and grab a round box, decorate it, add the handles (string, ribbons, etc) then use it as a bag.

Of course there should be more to just these items... You got to decorate it somehow (whatever way you want). You can get boxes in different shapes and sizes (anywhere (first instinct would be IKEA), whether it's covered in fabric, leather or paper...) but I say something round or with a round edge feels more elegant.

I admit, it does look really nice. If I ever get round doing that, I'll make sure I post it here!

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