Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Preview: 'FLY Editorial'

Those who are familiar with 'FLY' ( or, then this might be old news for you. However, I thought of mentioning this here since it's one of the things I like to collect and observe (after magazines of course!).

'FLY' is a series of limited edition DVD that consists a collection of art, fashion inspired short films, interviews, documentaries and music videos (not shown on MTV, VH1 or any other music channel!). This entry will feature some clips and trailer (that I can find on the internet so far). Just keep reading...and view at some of the screen shots from FLY's website.

I remember hunting down their very first DVD which was called 'The Zero Issue'. Apparently, it has been sold out and also impossible to find until I saw it at a bookstore one day. I didn't care about the cost and just bought it! Since then, I've been addicted with getting more of their series since it was released (around 2006 I think!).

So far, I've only got 'The Zero Issue' (beige cover on the left shown above) and their second DVD; 'Words Remembered' (cover in the middle). I hope to get hold of their latest DVD called 'What A World, What A World' (cover on the right).

The list of collaborators and features are so huge that I can't name it all! Also, the DVD is so packed that I have not even have the time to finish the ones I have at hand! Here's a few collaborators (not in any category or order) just to get the gist of it.

Karl Lagerfeld
Gray Scott
John Malkovich
Prada (clothes)
Yves Saint Laurent (clothes)
Zac Posen (clothes)
Aphex Twin

For more listings and description, download their media-kit:

Here are the video clips I mentioned! Enjoy! (I could not find the trailer for 'Words Remembered' so you'll have to find it on their website to view it!)

'The Zero Issue' Trailer

'Lucifer's Milkmaid' by Gray Scott

Explaination of 'FLY' DVD (Source: Cool Hunting)

'What A World, What A World' Trailer
I love this scenario (located somewhere halfway through the clip)

[Lady in a black dress emerges from the doorway with a cigarette between her fingers. She does not take a smoke from it, she just poses...]

Man: I love it! What is it?

Lady: Givenchy.

P.S. To get some of the videos free, download the podcasts from iTunes under the name 'Fly' and the artist name 'Fashion Films' or just go to (if it's possible)...or simply, go to just to view more videos!

P.P.S. I really recommend viewing all of the features and contents as most of the free downloads are limited in length...and most of you would want more after seeing these clips...believe me! You can purchase it online at

P.P.P.S. Watch out for the new release this Fall (2008)!

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