Thursday, June 19, 2008

Off to Shanghai...

My plane leaves in a couple of hours... I'll be off to Shanghai for around four days...

I've been reading up about Shanghai from Wiki-Travel (, Shopgirl Shanghai ( and some other website guide from Google.

Some pictures of the street wear worn in Shanghai from Fashion Trend Digest ( (in Chinese):

It's just a few since it's difficult to narrow down a particular style...and hopefully I can get some pictures (but most likely, I'll be a little too lazy to whip out my camera!)

There are some recommendation of other street wear on The Clothes Project ( (which mainly concentrates on Singapore street style but there is a list of website (listed on the right hand side of the page) mentioned from other countries as well!)

My friends has mentioned that things are too expensive in Shanghai...some of the items are more expensive than Singapore... Some have asked me why did I pick Shanghai instead of Guangzhou (where shopping is a lot cheaper!)...

Well basically, my answer 'I haven't been there before and want to go somewhere else new.' How simple is that?

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