Saturday, May 22, 2010

Indulge? I could use a weekend at a 'coloured coded hotel'....

Project deadlines are looming and I could use the weekend away! Introducing 'The PANTONE HOTELTM'  in Brussels by the company that specialise with colours coding 'creating a lifestyle' (mainly used to decide on colours for designing products, interiors and buildings).

Each of the guest rooms limits up to seven colours. I guess in a way, it harmonizes the colour environment?

Description from the website:

"Not only is The PANTONE HOTELTM located figuratively at the center of your Brussels experience, but it’s also in the heart of the trendy shopping district, Avenue Louise and Toison d’Or. Whether you are looking for clothes, shoes, books, tableware, jewelry, cosmetics, ... you can find anything within a stone's throw away. If you are attracted by the luxurious fashion designers flagshipstores, you will find them there as well, on Boulevard de Waterloo."

Also within the hotel premises, there's a lounge serving cocktails, souvenir shop selling their products and a 'Pantone Colour Consultant' (by appointment only). Care to stay at the colour coded hotel in Brussels? Looks interesting! Might consider staying there if anyone wants to come with me!

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