Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Link Up: Online Traveling Guides - Monday Flying, Spotted by Locals, Singaporean in London

Anyone heading to Asia this Summer? Check out 'Monday Flying'

Monday Flying cover articles of lifestyle, travel and the Asian cities in the website (from the local perspective).

The website covers cities such as Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Bangkok. I believe it is a good starting point when planing your trip this Summer. 

Though the website is still new, I hope it could someday become like the website 'Spotted by Locals' which covers European cities (which I have used quite a lot of since I moved to London).

Lastly, another website I rely on when I am stuck on places to go around in London created by a Singaporean Expatriate in London called 'A Singaporean in London' and 'London Chow' (for food reviews, from there, I found out the address for some delicious handmade noodles near London Chinatown!). This website provides interesting and informative articles on saving money in London, dining, attraction and of course, the 'London culture' (perhaps I should say behaviours!) from a Singaporean point of view.

I must warn you, these websites can be slightly addictive!

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