Friday, March 13, 2009

Preview: 'Coco Chanel' Movie Trailer

(French Poster from (released by Warner Bros. France)

I was browsing the Yahoo France website and I saw the movie trailer for "COCO AVANT CHANEL" ("COCO BEFORE CHANEL" in English).

Here's Audrey Tautou as the legendary Coco Chanel. (Picture source:

This movie from Warner Bros. France takes place during her childhood and her early adulthood. far, there are no subtitles for this to those who don't understand French, just appreciate the visual aspects...

Poster for International Release (only a few release around Europe is known for now)

France and Belgium will release the movie on 22nd of April.

One comment: The story looks promising though I hope they will also show more fashion in the film.

Link up here:

Official Movie Website (in French only):

Official movie pictures are shown at this link (in case you are eager to see the pictures fast!):

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