Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Design Your Own Bag!?


...we are becoming more picky with the things we want.
...we are not afraid to create our own individual style
...the marketing departments of a brand thinks 'interaction with the product' is the key to selling a product
...the designer isn't bothered to design something spectucular...

These points are based on the obsevation I've come across for a while...

In recent reports, Fendi has come up with a bag where we can doodle on it with the 'Pantone' coloured pens provided. Basically, you spend US$1,300 on a blank white Fendi bag and then stroke it with a marker! Honestly, I can't imagine paying that much to doodle on a luxury brand bag! I kind of like the bag just white.

Product description from Neiman Marcus:

"Create a masterpiece—this bag comes with ten colorful markers to make it your own.White canvas. Front flap; extending tab with with interlocking "F" magnetic closure. Includes ten permanent Pantone markers. Arrives in colorful logo box. 5 1/2"H x 10"W x 1.5"D. Made in Italy. Please note: Once personalized, item cannot be returned."

Here in 8Days (a weekly magazine publication from Singapore (issue from cover for reference is inset at the picture below (the one with Patrick Dempsey), it states that the celebrities has taken the knack in designing 'their own Fendi'. Click on the image to read the article. I'd have to say not bad but I'm still not buying those bags...or even the blank Fendi bag...

More on the Fendi 'white canvas' elaborated on NOTCOT (great blog!): http://www.notcot.com/archives/2008/03/fendi_paintyour.php (and the author who wrote this entry has a great opinion on this which I can agree with!)

I'm not dissing the idea of buying or selling a 'DIY fashion package' (stuff that comes with markers and other things). In fact, it's fun but it should not go at such a budget. I like to alter, remake or create some new items since I was young. Say if one is into the craze of making your own unique bag but can't afford it, what I can suggest is to buy a plain coloured bag from the from your neighbourhood fashion boutique or a great quality bag which is on sale.

I will confess that I was a little silly purchasing a blank clutch from a crafting shop in Singapore called 'Made with Love' http://www.madewithlove.com.sg/It's a great craft store where it sells great range of paper and other materials for making scrap books and other craft items. Also, there's a mini cafe inside such a small stall where their cupcakes are so iresistable! Sometimes, I find that the items are a little pricy but the quality of the products are great!

I don't have the original picture of the clutch but this picture above gives an idea on what the store sells. The clutch is just made out of cardboard (but it's great quality) and still haven't come up with anything. Well, it wasn't as expensive (around S$24 for the solid white clutch) as the Fendi bag. Meanwhile, I'm keeping it stored until something clicks in my mind.
The reason why I sort of feel silly about purchasing the clutch is because I've encountered a bag template for free! The 'Craftzine' website; entered a blog entry about Hermes providing the 'Kelly' bag template (on their website: http://lesailes.hermes.com/us/en/). The template is designed to be made out of paper but with a little bit of thinking, I guess it can be made out of something other than paper.

Did I mention it's free for download? Click on the icon which looks like this...

...and start creating!

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