Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Paris So Far... Part One

I've place Paris as my main point to my destination for my whole Europe Trip and here's what I've seen so far...

My friend whom I'm bunking in with in Paris has a habit of doodling on scraps of paper and it often comes with great effect!

These patterns got 'projected' onto the ceiling while my friend was doing her embroidery work.

I had a few hours to myself and went around the highest peak of Montmarte.

Clutch around 600 euros plus from a vintage shop...made with two baby leopard's head...I feel really sorry for them... :(

Another great doodle from my friend while sipping our tea at Starbucks.

On the tiny ferry that took us across the river so that we could catch our movie...we watched 'Cheri' starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Rupert Friend (only liked the setting and costumes...)

Interior of 'Mama Shelter' where I had dinner...great gathering!

One of my course at 'Mama Shelter': Leeks with some kind of sauce...and yes, the television enclosed inside the glass table where we sat for dinner.

Well, as I've been to Paris, I did not visit the Eiffle Tower again! Ah yes, I did go to the vintage store, 'Free P'Star'. However, it was super cramped and probably did not go at the right time as it was super crowded! I guess I needed time and to be early to rummage through piles of clothing! I did go to two vintage stores and scored two things...which will be mentioned next time!

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