Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One 'Bold' Inspiration

Let me say something. It's never easy to buy clothes when I am back home. In fact, I shall admit, I am more than over weight. Seriously, it has taken me months to reveal this on this blog.

Nevertheless, it doesn't stop me from dressing up. This does not mean I am not determined to lose weight. I am on a program to lose weight for health reasons as well. However, meantime, I love to get creative with my clothes and stay confident like the indie rock vocalist from 'The Gossip', Beth Ditto.

Beth Ditto (born
Mary Beth Patterson) from Searcy, Arkansas, USA has become one of the people I get inspired the most. She's got a cracking voice, really good! She is daring and with loads of confidence without caring how others sees her even though there are criticism on her size and how it will affect the public (I remember once, when I snoozing in bed with the issue of 'Love' magazine, I heard someone I knew was gasping, more like in shock when looking at the magazine cover. Sort of frightened the person...).

Cover of 'Love' magazine (UK) which caused a 'gasp'!

Sure, designers (Gareth Pugh, Hussein Chalayan and Alexander McQueen (just to name a few designers...) does make things to fit her size (for photo shoots) but it shouldn't stop us from looking great. In fact, revealed some tips for styling yourself on a budget, no skills required. Just your imagination and resources. Her tip:

Beth Ditto dressed in a customized dress by UK's Gareth Pugh.

On July the 9th, Evans (the UK high street brand) will launch a collection done by the lady herself (more on this extended page: Also, she was once approached by 'Topshop' to do a collection for them. However, she rejected them as she did not believe in designing for a brand with does not cater for anyone at her size.

Part of the collection that will be sold at Evans stores.

Beth Ditto in her own dress design which is part of the Evans merchandise.

Even though we 'bold' ladies will not be able to get these kind of clothes here in Singapore, we can just look at it for inspiration, customize our garments...or ask friends from the UK to help purchase and send over!

Extra Reading:

More from her spread in 'Love' magazine which was released earlier this year:

Another point of view:

Preview of the collection:


'Standing in the Way of Control' - The single (from their 3rd album) which rose the band's popularity. What do you know, third time a charm!

'Heavy Cross' - Their single from their latest album, Music for Men


Le blog de Letilor said...

I bought the flowers dress ans the perfecto, i wait my command but il like this collection

Meimei said...

Way to go , gal............Determination is everything....i need to shed some too........