Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The New Portable Stove...

We all have heard of paraffin stoves or other portable stoves we bring for camping. How about something smaller and lighter?

Stuart Breidenstein of 'Go Robot' creates such an item. Also, on another level, it can be worn as a necklace.

This handmade actual working stove necklace made from brass and copper. There is a brass fuel tank and copper burner are connected with copper fuel line. When using the stove, it is enough to warm up a cup of cocoa. The amount of fuel in the necklace lasts three minutes. Also, the fuel is refillable. However, as mentioned on the website, it should NOT be used while wearing the necklace!

Stunning right?

You can get more information and purchase the necklace from Smashing Darling:


Pictures are taken from the website as mentioned above.

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