Friday, February 19, 2010

At the moment, I am amused by...this shop's name...

Last week, I went to Paris to visit my friends. As it was the weekend and I arrived Paris around the evening, my time to do a lot of activities was limited. However, Jenny managed to take me out to another shopping area, Marais (pronounced as ma-ray according to Jenny) in the 3rd arrondissement) which was pleasant to walk rather than the busy streets of the 1st arrondissement!
Anyway, while walking along Rue de Sévigné, I couldn't help it but to take photos of this shop, mainly the name...I find it humourous though some may not find the same kind of humour as I do...

Monsieur Poulet (literal translation: Mr. Chicken)
Original Chicken Clothes
(It's a boutique selling printed T-shirts)

Photos: From my phone.
Website for 'Monsieur Poulet' (in French and English): (the t-shirt prints are quirky and colourful).

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Jenny said...

its Marais (pronounced as ma-ray) in the 3rd arrondissement :P