Saturday, March 13, 2010

At the moment, a range of children's shoes 'Nautical Charm'

From my last entry, 'Just a little humour (children's shoe)', here is the final range done with the group project with Clarks started in January. This was one of the group project I had the most fun though at some points I was a bit tense at some points.

Here is our 'Nautical Charm' range!

Nautical Charm

Pictured: Fanny making the sole.
Too bad I don't have a picture of me making the sole. I enjoyed using the drill to make the sole as well that I came out of the classroom all white, like someone covered me with talcum powder!

My dearest prototype!

Designers and makers in the group:

Morna, Fanny, Lisa (Me), Grace, Belinda and Arathi.


Vasilis said...

congrats ladies.. really lovely work..!!

Wei Qi said...

arrrghs i'm so waiting for u to make me one. =)