Saturday, April 12, 2008


I love to experiment and discover new things most of the time. I like to explore ideas, convey emotions then translate it into a form. This is why I like designing. My main element is fashion but I like to seek other forms.

Seeking reference to get into your research topic is important. Many of us know that many ideas are getting recycled and we feel that we don't have new ideas to absorb. This is where experimentation comes in... The picture below shows my experimentation on the left and the final garment on the right based on the same design concept.

Judging from the websites and book releases these days, it teaches D-I-Y fanatics (and maybe some non D-I-Y fanatics) to change 'something old into something new'.

However, I will elaborate this topic another time.

First of all, I will just give some recommendation of the website I normally go to which is highly recommended!

Craftzine ( The blog's daily updates entrigues me each time I visit the website. Explore the blog section often as you will find some 'freebies' (I got these series of print out wrapping paper. It proved to be useful one day as I ran out of wrapping paper to wrap my present for my former tutor in school!). This is the link where the blog entries are catagorized as 'refashion' (

Meanwhile, here's the link to the free wrapping paper patterns I mentioned: (blog entry - click on the link button at the entry).

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