Thursday, April 17, 2008

Preview: 'Shoes'

Today was one of the most intensive days in terms of shopping (ha ha! More about my adventures next time!). In the end, I spent a lot more than usual and at the same time, I got the book I wanted!
This book is going to be my guide to my personal project for the up coming days (or weeks depends what's my schedule is like!).

Title: 包み紙でつくる靴 (A shoe made of wrapping paper)

Link (In English, about the book): (credit this infomation to Craftzine and

This is a Japanese book full of shoes made out of wrapping paper. It's gives you the pattern of the shoes which is pretty much self-explainatory although it's written in another language!

Speaking of shoes, while shopping today, my friend Grace purchased one pair of shoes which looked similar to the one featured in the local (Singaporean) version of 'Cleo'.
Picture One (the feature on 'Cleo' May 2008):

Note: In case you can't read the small print, it says 'Ankle Strap Heels, S$1550 from 'Celine''

Picture Two (the shoes Grace bought (thanks for the picture Junia!):

Note: The colours were a lot brighter and a little more neon like, similar to the shoes from 'Celine'. It cost S$147. The shop assistance told us that they got it custom made in Hong Kong. Grace said it's comfortable to wear! She bought these shoes from a concept store called 'Egg3' (link: (note: click again to view the website as it's operated using flash) near to Ang Siang Road.

Looks the same doesn't it?

...darn! Why did I end up with another pair of shoes!? Well, at least they were on discount from Nine West!

Read more about our shopping adventures on Junia's blog: (read entry dated on: Friday, April 18, 2008)

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