Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tearjerking Valentine...

Jeffrey Rudell is a paper artist who has a background in graphic art. He has a fascination with traditional craft techniques using mainly paper. He quotes; 'I strive to make work that has a strong sculptural quality, is drawn from organic shapes, and has a sort of crisp lyricism.'

His work has been featured at Tiffany & Co. (Fifth Avenue), Mish New York, The New York Botanical Garden, and also has some works the pages of Elle Decor, Brides, Receptions, and Good Housekeeping magazines among others.

Recently, he has added a tutorial on how to make a Valentine from an onion. He shows how to create textural surfaces (decoupage like).

The tutorial feature on this link:

Photo source: Craftzine

Amazing what you can do with onions either than sauté it...or cry when peeling...

PS. More craft ideas on his profile page:

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