Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Featuring: 'How It Ends' (The Three F's, 'Film, Fashion and Furniture').

Even though this video is almost a year old (a little late to show this I must admit), I thought it would be interesting to post it on this website.

In 2008, here was a collaboration with the local (Singapore) designers, each group, a fashion designer/brand and a furniture designer. This was done under the project called 'Blueprint'. This video was shown together with a fashion show
during the Singapore Fashion Festival 2008.

Excerpt from '':

"The shared influences between the designers have seen the creation of multi-dimensional and transformational new designs with product designers drawing inspiration from the fashion designers collections for the Singapore Fashion Festival 2008. Arising from the partnership, the fashion designers have also drawn competencies and strengths from the product designers to produce new works for their fashion showcase."

The video was featured in Italian as this whole project was also shown during 'Salone Internazionale Del Mobile' (the furniture fair held in Milan annually) on the same year.

I recommend everyone to watch this video on high definition (HD) on YouTube. Just place your cursor on the triangle located at the bottom right of the YouTube video screen of this post and click 'HD' (after pressing the play button).

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